Pure Food Beekeeping

Zootrain and Pure Food have worked together to produce a variety of beekeeping courses and classes. They are held in Regent's Park London where Regents Park Honey, the finest London honey, is produced. They include:

  • Introduction to beekeeing class - 1 day

    What is involved in beekeeping and honey production, and whether you want to keep your own bees.

    • Life of the honey bee and a colony
    • Plight of the honey bee – what is happening to the bees?
    • London honey and how is it made
    • Benefits of urban beekeeping
    • What’s involved in urban beekeeping (space, equipment, time commitment)
  • Beekeeping beginnerís course - 5 weeks

    At the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to set up and manage your own hive.

    1. Theory : Honey bee. Queen, workers & drones. Lifecycles. Bee products.
    2. Theory: Importance of beekeeping. Bees' nest. Hive inspections. Beekeeping year.
    3. Theory: Healthy bees. Disease & pests. Swarming.
    4. Theory: Hive components. Equipment. Getting started. Suitability of apiary sites.
    5. Practical: Hive inspection. Apiary visit.

    Zootrain specialises in teaching people how to keep bees and make their own honey. Zootrain's mission is to turn more people into confident hobby beekeepers in a safe and fun environment, and thereby help protect the future of the honey bee.