Where to buy Regents Park Honey

Regents Park Honey, the finest London honey, is produced in very limited quantities. The Regents Park Honey is not available all year round so make sure you buy some when you can. It is currently only sold in London.

2012 There is currently no honey available yet. Normally it is available at Melrose and Morgan, Planet Organic, Sourced Market, Fortnum & Mason and La Fromagerie. The weather has been terrible so far this year so the bees have brought in very little honey. Normally there is honey by the beginning of July but not this year.

The production of Regents Park Honey is expected to be tiny in 2012.

Other places using and serving Regents Park Honey include Tom Aikens, Wyndham Grand Chelsea Harbour, Chelsea Riverside Brasserie, Bryn Williams at Odette's, Atheneum Hotel, 76 Portland Place, Harbour & Jones and The Restaurant at St Paul's Cathedral.






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  • Melrose & Morgan
    Melrose and Morgan is a grocery shop in Primrose Hill which sources the majority of its products from the British Isles. They are the primary supplier of Pure Food Regents Park Honey, which is their most local product. Their address is 42 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1 8JD.
  • The Garden Cafe
    The Garden Cafe is located at the heart of Regents Park in the inner circle. They stock Regents Park Honey during the summer months.
  • Planet Organic
    Planet Organic is the UK's largest fully certified organic supermarket. Planet Organic is a celebration of nature, overflowing with mouth-watering, inspiring and ecologically great ideas.
  • La Fromagerie
    La Fromagerie is one of London's finest cheese shops also selling an exquisite range of other fine foods.
  • Sourced Market
    Sourced Market champions small, local producers helping to make their produce available to everyone at a fair price from their unique store in St Pancras Station.